Manufacturer and bodybuilder, specialist in ambulances and special vehicles.

Our job is to take care of those who take care of others. We manufacture well thought-out, innovative, reliable and practical medical and funeral transport vehicles for everyday use!

Signature BSE

For 30 years, BSE has been developing a range of vehicles for medical and funeral transport. Quality is a keyword at BSE: the quality of our vehicles, the quality of our design, manufacturing and innovation processes, the quality of life at work, the quality of our customer support, the quality of the experience in our vehicles, …

30 years of experience

30 years of experience and expertise serving the most demanding professionals


A great capacity for innovation to respond to all challenges and produce ever more reliable and efficient vehicles

Customer service

we implement a reactive support procedure, with a global customer service, which intervenes in preventive and curative actions

Our range of ambulances and hearses.

BSE offers a wide range of medical and funeral vehicles. Inside our vehicles, each layout is optimised to meet the needs of our customers and studied in compliance with the standards.

Innovations to facilitate the daily life of professionals

The antibacterial, antiCoVid19 cell, BSEBact.

Thanks to a core injection process, the BSEBact cells and treatment permanently eliminate the risks that cause nosocomial diseases. Its design also facilitates cleaning and increases the longevity of the facilities.

The electric ambulance and the hybrid ambulance.

In the age of corporate social responsibility, we offer hybrid and electric ambulances. For short to medium distances, we offer…

The new generation of customer service.

Customer Care is an innovation and service offered to all BSE customers. It is a reinforced version of the after-sales service, which accompanies with more proximity and reactivity the daily life of the users of our special vehicles.