Customer Care: “augmented” Customer Service

Customer Care is an innovation and a service offered to all BSE customers. It is a reinforced version of the after-sales service, which accompanies the daily life of the users of our vehicles with greater proximity and responsiveness.

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Customer Care: a “new generation” after-sales service

We take care of those who take care of others! In this respect, we have asked our customers to work with us to design a more global customer service, with greater proximity and responsiveness. We have therefore created “Customer Care”, which is a privileged interface between our customers and the various BSE departments.

This new service is based on the desire to go beyond the standards of after-sales service on the market and to exceed our customers’ expectations. Traditional after-sales service is often limited to curative treatment (various breakdowns, material needs). We want to broaden the scope of our customer service to enable it to support our customers in a preventive approach, anticipating their needs and helping them to extend the life of their vehicles.

This service applies to our entire range of ambulances, 4×4 vehicles and funeral vehicles.

3 missions

  • To better understand our clients’ problems
  • To provide preventive support
  • To offer a quality, personalised and responsive service!

for 1 ambition !

To exceed our clients’ expectations and save them time!

A system based on proximity and responsiveness

1 dedicated contact person
1 unique phone number

1 dedicated email address

1 mobile-optimised web interface
QR Code Customer Care

Scan the QR Code, and exchange with your interlocutor!

From now on, BSE vehicles leave the workshop with a sticker holder containing a QR code. This code allows direct contact with the Customer Care department from a smartphone. The QR code also provides access to a database of information and tips to facilitate the daily maintenance of the vehicle.

Our range of ambulances and hearses.

BSE offers a wide range of medical and funeral vehicles. Inside our vehicles, each layout is optimised to meet the needs of our customers and studied in compliance with the standards.