4×4 ambulances for the most demanding applications.

By combining creativity, know-how and expertise, BSE gives life to new generation ambulances and medical transport vehicles, designed for practicality and performance.

Accueil / Our innovations for medical and funeral vehicles. / 4×4 ambulances for the most demanding applications.

Ambulances designed for off-road use.

Impossible is not BSE! To meet the most demanding requirements, our design office and our technicians mobilise their creativity and expertise to create ambulances that are all-purpose. A daily challenge that feeds our constant search for innovation! On the basis of 4-wheel drive vehicles, which are popular and recognised for difficult access areas, we transform vehicles such as the Ford Ranger, the Peugeot Landtrek, and many others.

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Discover the anti-bacterial and anti-Covid-19 sanitary cell


Ford Ranger – ambulance

ford ranger

Ford Ranger – emergency

Ford Ranger – light medical

Peugeot land Trek (KP1)

Peugeot Landtrek

Peugeot land Trek (KP1)

Toyota KZJ 78

Mercedes Sprinter 4×4

Our range of ambulances and hearses.

BSE offers a wide range of medical and funeral vehicles. Inside our vehicles, each layout is optimised to meet the needs of our customers and studied in compliance with the standards.

Why choose BSE?


30 years of experience

30 years of experience and expertise serving the most demanding professionals.



A great capacity for innovation to respond to all challenges and produce ever more reliable and efficient vehicles.


Customer service

We implement a reactive support procedure, with a global customer service, which intervenes in preventive and curative actions.

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